• About
  • We are an experienced team with more than 10 years in Japanese food industry.We have founded Tiger steak donburi in Taichung city, Taiwan in 2016. Since then,we have achieved great success and own several restaurants.Nowadays, we innovate our food and service into next level.We are looking for passionate and potential partners to join us to create more business opportunity.Are you the one we’re looking for? Please contact us for more info!

  • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
    • 肉

      Our meat dishes prepared with carefully-selected ingredients, including steak, pork, chicken, distributed by the logistic delivery are able to lower the cost; in turn, benefits our franchisee.

    • 米

      We go for quality choice of rice, so our rice is positively tasty, making it a delight.

    • 醬汁

      Our signature sauces have assimilated the traditional Japanese seasoning and sauces, presenting sauces that accommodate the dietary habit of Taiwanese people.

  • Design
  • In order to enhance the brand's texture, we spare no effort to create a new dining space.Incorporate a fresh, bright and literary design style, combined with an open kitchen.Present a comfortable dining environment.Make the brand more competitive and allow consumers to experience a dining experience with five senses.

  • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
  • Cloud Restaurant franchising
  • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
    • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
    • No high cost rental fee
    • No need to serve, just co-op with delivery platform
    • All materials delivery directly from HQ
    • Full education training
    • Guarantee for area
    • Best choice for entry-level startup
    虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi

    • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
    • Tiger City

      Taichung City 407, Taiwan
      3F., No. 20, Sec. 3, Henan Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City
      407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    • 虎丼厚切牛排丼 Tiger Steak Donburi
    • Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan

      No. 86, Sec. 1, Wenxing Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
      302, Taiwan (R.O.C.)